Our Photo products help showcase your brand.

Well-designed visuals increase people’s desire to read content by 80% (Venngage, 2019). So it’s important to get your images right. Poor quality photos can negatively impact the perception of your business and using unlicensed images means you could run into sticky legal issues. Don’t worry. We’ll set you up with original photos that give you strong content for your business and capture your brand’s personality.


Choose from our photo packages:

  • 1-hour Photoshoot: A professional photoshoot anywhere in Saskatchewan with a minimum of 10 high-definition photos. These are yours to own and use in all your advertising.
  • 2-hour Photoshoot: All the benefits of the 1-hour shoot, with a minimum of 20 high-definition photos.


Q: After the photoshoot how long until I receive my photos?
A: The entire process, from shoot to upload, takes approximately four weeks.

Q: Can I get branding on the photos when they are done?
A: Yep, we offer additional products that include branding and secondary edits on photos.

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